Statement of Build Organizing Project on NPC Voting Method

We are disappointed to learn that the DSA National Political Committee upheld the decision of its Steering Committee to use a modified version of the flawed “Borda Count” method for the forthcoming NPC elections at the National Convention. The only acceptable method for electing our next NPC is Single Transferable Vote (STV), which is resistant to tactical voting and produces proportionate results.

As OpaVote states “the Borda count should only be used where the voters will likely vote honestly. When electing officers of an organization, the Borda count may not be a good choice”. Borda is highly susceptible to tactical voting and benefits large, disciplined factions while hurting unaffiliated delegates. Even its limited use in DSA has created significant conflict and disproportionate results, as in East Bay DSA, where the use of an unusual Borda variant has thrown the legitimacy of its delegate elections into doubt. 

As we stated in March of this year, Build came together united by its opposition to the Momentum/Bread & Roses faction’s weaponization of proceduralism, and by its determination to defeat the factionalism that has tainted DSA National. The decision by the Bread & Roses faction and its allies on the NPC to choose a flawed election method to advantage themselves and retain power is the kind of unacceptable, anti-democratic procedure that Build exists to combat.  

Our NPC elections cannot be allowed to be tainted by the use of this voting method. Accordingly, Build will support a rules amendment at the beginning of the National Convention to require the use of STV in the forthcoming NPC elections. We ask all delegates to stand with us and support fair elections in DSA.