Electoral politics highlights the Left’s tendencies.

From Eugene Debs to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, electoral politics has meant different things to different leftists over the years. Whether it was a way of popular organizing or the hope to obtain power inside the capitalist society, the debate over its use and practicality has been at the heart of many conversations over the decades. The articles below continue that examination and it’s important to do so. The political terrain of this country is varied so much that it demands us to take the time to consider it.

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A Different Kind of Election: Ballot Initiatives & Electoral Strategy

Right-to-work in Missouri wasn’t repealed by a politician, it was overturned by union workers using a ballot initiative. DSA needs a robust electoral strategy if it aims to build popular power.


Four Logics on Bernie

For many, DSA and Bernie Sanders have become synonymous. Trying to understand what, if any, role the DSA should play in the Sanders’ campaign is another story.