Healthcare is a human right.

Our relationship to our bodies is contorted by capitalism. It prevents us from getting the rest, food, and medical attention we need to live our lives. It inhibits our ability to be who we are by forcing white supremacist, cishet patriarchal views of health and well-being on us. Every facet of the socialist movement intersects with healthcare. From queer liberation to ecosocialism to socialist feminism, the right to healthcare and our bodies is central.

Special thanks to our coordinators/editors – Tim F (Boston) and Emily H (Middle TN)!


Healthcare Introduction

The DSA M4A Communications Committee introduces the healthcare issue! Give it a glance for an overview on the articles.


Medical Debt Clinic Project

Boston DSA’s Healthcare Working Group took on that struggle with a city-wide program to assist individuals navigating medical debt.


A Day in the Life of a Medicaid Recipient

Steve Way of North Jersey DSA describes his experiences as a Medicaid recipient and how socialists should think through the fight for universal health care.


Bowling for Abortion Access

For many people, needing an abortion is one of their first introductions to the raw cruelty of our healthcare system. Fundraising for abortion funds is one fun step in alleviating that cruelty.


Creating a Medicare for All “Popular Front”

Join Boston DSA as they forge relationships with other groups to fight for Medicare for All.


Marxism, Housing & Health

The connection between housing and poor health has remained a major theme in Marxist discourse ever since. Socialists must emphasize that healthy living goes beyond healthcare, and that we need healthy housing for all.


Organizing for Safe Housing

Lead poisoning comes from more than just water pipes. Join Cleveland DSA as they fight in coalition for lead-free homes for all.


New Orleans DSA Health Fairs

Join New Orleans’ organizers as they work to retain new members around the Medicare for All campaign. From the chapter that brought you the Brake Light Clinics, read about their Health Fair + Medical Debt Clinic!


Paid Sick Leave & Capitalism in Southern Maine

Not every story of organizing ends in victory. Temporary failures (because socialism will win) are teaching moments. Join Southern Maine as they recount their attempt to bring sick leave to their community.