Resolution #80: Red Rabbits is going Nationwide

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Affected Items & Short Rationale

  • Resolution #80: Creating a Nationwide Security and Marshalling Program

    • Creates a team dedicated to training and creating resources for local chapters on marshalling, meeting security, information security, and jail support/bail funds.

Why Is Build Endorsing Resolution #80?

  • We need to do better with member safety and security.

    • Member safety/security can’t be an afterthought.

    • Incidents in Austin and Kentucky, and cases of doxxing, show that the right wing (and in some cases leftist microsects) see our success and want to take us down. By making resources and training available for DSA members we can help ensure we’re prepared for such threats.

    • Right now there isn’t a clear group handling this and incidents/requests get lost in the aether. Creating a formal working group can better create processes that help members rather than having them feel unsupported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concern: This seems to be basing itself off of the Red Rabbits model developed in New York City, but that doesn’t match up with the model I’ve developed in my local. Will I get boxed out?

Answer: Right now, because there’s an informal structure in place, the New York City DSA Red Rabbits crew has been taking up most of the space. Having a defined national structure and relationship between staff and chapters could help combat a singular approach.

Concern: The membership requirements say that to join I have to be in an elected position, and those requirements are too onerous.

Answer: There needs to be an additional level of accountability and security to prevent anyone who joins National from getting involved with the group, requiring a degree of vetting. Holding an elected position shows that you’ve been vetted by your chapter.

Another Answer: If you want to help out with the national group but aren’t an elected leader, and your chapter doesn’t have a security working group, you could work within your chapter to create such a position.

Concern: Doesn’t this overlap with resolution #9 (creating an Anti-Fascist and Direct Action Working Group)?

Answer: There is some overlap, but the mission is fundamentally different: Res #9 is for intentionally confronting fascists, and #80 is for protecting members from unintended/unwanted confrontations and building supporting skills to enable those confrontations (like jail support/bail funds).