Fight Racism at the Local Level

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Res #76: Encourage Local Anti-Racist Action

This resolution calls for National to support anti-racist organizing at the chapter level by prioritizing chapter work. It includes provisions to have a bi-annual forum, to provide organizing instruction to chapters based on ground-level experience, and to create a communication platform. 

Why Is Build Endorsing This?

  • Racism Stems from Local Contexts

    • It’s in the school boards, court rooms, and town halls, not just the White House.

    • We need to recognize the local roots of white supremacy. This implies the need for a bottom-up reform of social and political political power.

    • DSA punches above its weight at the local level and can make a huge impact in local government institutions. DSA National should foster this potential.

  • Anti-Racist Solidarity

    • DSA needs to be a reliable coalition partner for vulnerable communities.

    • Anti-racist work is often coalition work. This resolution would encourage DSA to join and grow vibrant local networks of anti-racist organizers.

    • Getting the goods at the local level isn’t just the right thing to do when it comes to anti-racism. It is a concrete and material way for DSA chapters to be relevant to the most oppressed communities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Concern: Racism comes from higher levels of government, too!

Answer: True, but effectively countering that influence at the national level will first take doing grassroots bottom-up work to change policies and build power.

Another answer: This resolution is modest in its asks for organizational resources. It should not interfere with anti-racist work happening at higher levels of government. If anything, the collaboration it encourages should provide a venue for DSA activists to discover ways of acting at these levels.