Resolution #9: Establishing a National Anti-Fascist

and Direct Action Working Group

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Why Is Build Endorsing Resolution #9?

Fight Exploitation, Fight White Supremacy, Fight Patriarchy

  • We can't fight exploitation, white supremacy, or patriarchy without antifascist work.

  • Let’s form a National Working Group to help drive collaboration and resource sharing to support our antifascist organizing, because we must fight exploitation, white supremacy, and patriarchy.

  • Fascists and the far right pose an existential threat to marginalized communities, and it is the responsibility of leftists to advocate for and protect these communities. People of color and LGBTQ+ people experience the brunt of fascist violence. Leftists, who believe in egalitarianism and equity, must fight for the safety of the systematically oppressed. 

Protect the Tent

  • Anti-fascism holds up the big tent.

  • Our members have been assaulted, doxxed, and threatened because of their politics; fascists don’t care whether the people they attacked or doxxed focused mostly on antifascist work or electoral work.

  • All of our work is under attack. Antifascist tactics have been historically proven to disrupt and stop the incursion of fascism into vulnerable communities. It is imperative that we fight back against this aggression. 

One foot in the institutions, one foot in the streets

  • This is the foot in the streets.

  • Let’s coordinate, share best practices, and develop resources and trainings to empower comrades to put their feet in the streets, to share with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

CONCERN: Is this Resolution in opposition to or an alternative to Resolution #85 “Creating a Nation Wide National Security and Marshalling Program”?

ANSWER: Nope! These two resolutions, while they have some overlap, take different approaches to the same challenge with different goals for the work.

ANOTHER ANSWER: Resolution #85 focuses more on the incredibly important work of reducing damage done by fascist attacks and protecting each other. This resolution is focused on helping Locals proactively disrupt fascist organizing in their region.