Utopia lies at the horizon. When I draw nearer by two steps, it retreats two steps. If I proceed ten steps forward, it swiftly slips ten steps ahead. No matter how far I go, I can never reach it. What, then, is the purpose of utopia? It is to cause us to advance. — Eduardo Galeano

What is, and what is yet to be.

The world we live in, and the world we hope for tomorrow.

The earth, and the sky.

The Build project was driven from a simple question: "What are DSA members and chapters doing today?" That question drove us to reach out to other chapters, listen to stories, and gather writings and campaign reports to deliver in zine form.

But when we talked to members across the country, we also heard about how members yearn for more - more connections to others doing similar work, more coordination from their national organization, more resources to keep their chapters and campaigns afloat.

So, in addition to asking what members were working on, we started asking, "what do you wish DSA could become?" This has led us to Horizon: our series focusing on the pressing issues and campaigns facing DSA as a whole today.

Instead of telling DSA members what a socialist ought to believe, we want to hear from you: What lessons did you learn from your campaign, or from your chapter? What did you learn from your successes and your failures? What do you wish other chapters knew before they go down the same road?

We plan on using the DSA Discussion Board, group calls, and article submissions to create this generative dialogue. The more we challenge each other and listen to each other the stronger our collective power will be. This way we can practice the democracy we wish to instill in our organization, and one day soon, the world.

We welcome you to get involved.



Phrases like “Never Again” and “If Not Now…” become hollow if we fail to engage when fascism is on the move. From the state halls to corporate board rooms to the streets, fascism has returned in force. The time to act is now.


“We are going to inherit the earth.” ⁠— Durruti

Ecosocialism is a reorientation of humanity’s relationship with the world around us. Read stories from organizers building that new world.

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Education is at the core of the socialist project. From educating children on how to live in an egalitarian world to the fight for teachers’ & student's’ rights, the classroom is a vital area of class struggle.


Electoral work is a source of great debate in DSA and the Left. Read up on strategic ways of viewing the Sanders campaign. More to come soon!



Healthcare is a human right. Our relationship to our bodies is contorted by capitalism. Read stories from around the country about the fight for Medicare for All and beyond.


Labor is one of the main areas of organizing for the DSA. From supporting strikes to political education campaigns, DSA helps to play a role in reviving the American labor movement.

Organization & Structure

Organizing is never easy. Political terrain, timing, experience, and many other factors are interlocked in any given campaign. Learning how other organizers have tried is crucial to remaining dynamic.

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Socialist Feminism

The contribution of socialist feminist thinkers from Silvia Federici to Tithi Bhattacharya to bell hooks are invaluable to our understanding of capitalism, socialism and more. Read about organizing being done around this tradition!